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acib – Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology

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Plant Defense as a Biotech Tool

Against voracious beetles or caterpillars plants protect themselves with cyanide. Certain enzymes release the toxic substance when the plant is chewed. These HNL-called enzymes are also important for industry. acib found a new biocatalyst in a fern which outshines all other HNL-type enzymes on the market.

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new yeast metabolizm discovered at acib and BOKU

Newly Discovered Metabolism Certifies Evolutionary Advantage for Yeast

Duplicate copies of genes safeguard survival of the biotech yeast Pichia pastoris in environments where only methanol is present as feed. A recently elucidated metabolism is similar to that used by plants for the utilization of carbon dioxide.

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Biologischer Pflanzenschutz gewinnt Fast Forward Award 2015

Das acib gehört zu den Gewinnern des„Fast Forward Award 2015“, des offiziellen Wirtschaftspreises des Landes Steiermark. Ebenso unter den Gewinnern: Anti-Blendfolien für LED-Leuchten, ein optischer Lebensmittel-Kontrollor, energiesparendes Bierbrauen oder Sensoren, mit denen Smartphones und Tablets künftig berührungslos bedient werden können.

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Tips for a successful EU proposal

Arno Schoevaars from the Dutch company PN Consultants has more than 20 years of experience with EU-funded projects. With his 40-member team, he can point to a success rate of 40 to 60% for approved proposals; regardless of the call! Being guest of acib, he reveals some tips for a successful EU proposal.

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acib is

  • a perfect research partner in industrial biotechnology with 25+ years of experience in applied industrial science with 250+ highly qualified scientists developing 70+ industrial and strategic projects in 6 fields of expertise
  • an international partnership of 150+ universities and leading companies
  • an scientific hub for research activities in industrial biotechnology with Austrian quality standards

acib stands for

  • sophisticated research with significant public funding,
  • new production processes & products with improved ecological efficiency,
  • new production processes with higher economic efficiency,
  • products with higher quality and purity,
  • innovative functional products for everyday use and for the health care industry.

The international centre of competence acib combines the advantages of university dynamics and industrial focusing; acib speaks the languages of science and industry.

acib’s Biotech Stories

For more information take a look at our “Biotech Stories”!

ESIB – European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology

You are active in industrial biotechnology and are looking for something special? You always thought of an event that not only covers science but also deals with industrial needs and hopes, funding resources or political aspirations? Stay tuned and keep up with the European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB) 2016! www.esib.at






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