The acib blog celebrates its first anniversary!

It’s already been a year since the acib science blog was officially launched. Birthdays are a good time to reflect, and the last year have given us much to reflect on! When the acib blog was still in its infancy, Katrin Weinhandl, former chief editor and one of the initiators of this project, played a decisive role by setting up a well thought-through editorial plan to transform scientific content into understandable posts. After she left the company, she introduced us (Olivia Laggner and Sabrina Mayer-Maschl) to become the new chief editors.

Within the first week of launching, the very first article Electronic waste – Final destination or secondary heavy metal source? was published on March 20th 2017.

The author Stefan Weiß, finished his doctoral studies on renewable energy production and future bio-refinery strategies in 2012. As a senior scientist at acib he is involved in several projects regarding bioleaching, hydrogen production from sugar roots and digestive systems of monogastric mammals. Together with the Technical University of Vienna and the Medical University of Graz he is working on a Rare Cancer Screening Tool called „Sarcoma-on-a-Chip“.

The second article Hidden helpers: How microorganisms contribute to our health and well-being written by Tomislav Cernava soon followed.

Tomislav obtained his PhD in Biotechnology at Graz University of Technology with a focus on microbial communities and bacteria-host interactions. As a postdoctoral researcher at acib his research focused on the development of screening and identification strategies that relate to microbial volatiles.

An article from Melanie Obermaier Functional Metagenomics – On the hunt for novel products has captured attention. Functional metagenomics boosts natural product discovery and shows its great potential towards industrial application.

With a master´s degree in molecular biology from Umeå University, Sweden, Melanie is specialised in Molecular Microbiology. Before joining the acib research community, she worked at MicroGen Biotechnology Ltd and EnviroCore in Ireland. Her PhD project centers around the potential of uncultivable microorganisms towards bioprospecting.

Another article of the acib science blog is written by Margit Winkler and is called How to prepare flavors and fragrances by enzymes. You can literally smell them just by reading through the lines!

Margit is Elise-Richter fellow at Graz University of Technology and Senior Researcher at acib. She studied Technical Chemistry and completed her PhD in Organic Chemistry. Margit is interested to find, to use and to improve enzymes for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients or building blocks thereof.

Acib scientists have contributed insightful posts from their areas of expertise, ranging from virus like particles, connecting carbon and genetic engineering of fungi to microbial electrosynthesis. Beyond breaking news on agriculture, bioprocess engineering, cosmetic, environment, food/feed, health and pharma, we are happy to announce our latest category Work@Biotech. Besides scientific content related posts, Work@Biotech will provide you with compact information about administrative requirements, start-ups, fundraising and many more!

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our readers and authors for turning this blog into such a rewarding experience.

Please continue to follow us and feel free to check our upcoming posts.

All the best, your acib editorial team

Picture credits: Pixabay

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