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Research at acib

The long-term perspective and international dimension of our research allows us to achieve the critical mass to invent, predict and design innovative, efficient and unprecedented industrial bioprocesses.
acib’s research fields provide the scientific and structural basis for cross-disciplinary research involving key disciplines such as organic chemistry, microbiology, molecular, structural and cell biology, bioinformatics, modeling and simulation, process engineering, and systems biotechnology.

Biocatalysis & Enzyme Technology

Biocatalysis and Enzyme Technology Medical agents, active ingredients of detergents, cosmetics, color pigments or polymers – all depend on chemical syntheses. Most chemical reactions require a high energy input and ecologically harmful organic solvents. The result of many chemical reactions is a mixture of products from which the desired substance must be separated sophisticatedly. About 90 […]

Polymer- & Environmental Biotechnology

The aim of this researchr field is the development of mechanistic knowledge about the function of enzymes on polymers and novel tools for the modification of bio/synthetic polymers and the production of functional and intelligent polymeric materials.

Systems Biology & Microbial Cell Engineering

Systems Biology & Microbial Cell Engineering Microorganisms are essential for many industrial sectors. They are sophisticated factories in micro-format, which are able to perfectly produce pharmaceutical drugs, enzymes for the chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical or food industries or a variety of highly valuable chemicals. This requires the use of biotechnological methods. The characterization of production cells is […]

Bioprospecting & Synthetic Biology

Bioprospecting & Synthetic Biology An essential feature of our nature is its enormous biodiversity. Among the countless biomolecules enzymes protrude out yet. As biocatalysts they control all vital processes and solve specific tasks perfectly; similar to highly specialized tools. Microorganisms are specialists, too, and can achieve amazing things through interaction with various cell types. For […]

Bioprocess Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering The development of a biotechnological production process is a complex procedure. The establishment of a process in small laboratory scale with a few grams of product is followed by its “upscaling” to an industrial scale of several 100 liters of fermentation medium. “Upscaling” and product purification are not only two of the major […]

Animal Cell Technology & Engineering

Animal Cell Technology & Engineering Compared to other pharmaceuticals, therapeutic proteins saw an incredible growth rate over the last years. The scientific community and also industry still experience a great enthusiasm and an atmosphere of “gold rush” and innovation. Nevertheless, the development of both cell lines and processes is still mostly based on empirical trial […]

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