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Scientific publications are important qualitative indicators of a research institution. They account for scientific excellence and serve as platform to present new results to the scientific community.The publication of innovative scientific knowhow is the basis for the development of new ideas and research strategies.

Publications in peer reviewed journals

M. Pickl, M. Fuchs, S. Glueck, K. Faber: The Substrate Tolerance of Alcohol Oxidases, Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 2015, 99, 6617-6642

A. Diendorfer, M. Hackl, G. Klanert, V. Jadhav, M. Reithofer, F. Stiefel, F. Hesse, J. Grillari, N. Borth: Annotation of additional evolutionary conserved microRNAs in CHO cells from updated genomic data, Biotechnol. Bioeng., 2015, New Jersey

M. Geier, T. Bachler, S. Hanlon, F. Eggimann, M. Kittelmann, H. Weber, S. Lütz, B. Wirz, M. Winkler: Human FMO2-based microbial whole-cell catalysts for drug metabolite synthesis , Microb. Cell Fact., 2015

M. Hajnsek, D. Schiffer, D. Harrich, D. Koller, V. Verient, A. Heinzle, B. Binder, E. Sigl, F. Sinner, G. Guebitz: An electrochemical sensor for early detection of wound infection based on myeloperoxidase activity, Sensors Actuators B: Chem., 2015, 209, 265-274

E. Prasetyo, R. Diaz Rodriguez, B. Lukesch, S. Weiss, M. Murkovic, E. Katsoyannos, C. Sygmund, R. Ludwig, G. Nyanhongo, G. Gübitz: Laccase-cellobiose dehydrogenase catalyzed detoxification of phenolic rich olive processing residues, Int. J. Environ. Sci. Technol., 2015, 12, 1343-1352

R. Prielhofer, S. Cartwright, A. Graf, M. Valli, R. Bill, D. Mattanovich, B. Gasser: Pichia pastoris regulates its gene-specific response to different carbon sources at the transcriptional, rather than the translational, level, BMC GENOMICS, 2015, 16 (1), 167

G. Gourinchas, E. Busto, M. Killinger, N. Richter, B. Wiltschi, W. Kroutil: A synthetic biology approach for the transformation of L-alpha-amino acids to the corresponding enantiopure (R)-or (S)-alpha-hydroxy acids, Chem. Commun., 2015, 51, 2828

K. Schmölzer, T. Czabany, C. Luley-Goedl, T. Pavkov-Keller, D. Ribitsch, H. Schwab, K. Gruber, H. Weber, B. Nidetzky: Complete switch from α2,3- to α2,6-regioselectivity in Pasteurella dagmatis β-D-galactoside sialyltransferase by active-site redesign, Chem. Commun., 2015, 51, 3083

A. Emmerstorfer, M. Wimmer-Teubenbacher, T. Wriessnegger, E. Leitner, M. Müller, I. Kaluzna, M. Schürmann, D. Mink, G. Zellnig, H. Schwab, H. Pichler: Over-expression of ICE2 stabilizes cytochrome P450 reductase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris, Biotechnol. J., 2015

S. Ryś, R. Muca, M. Kołodziej, W. Piątkowski, A. Dürauer, A. Jungbauer, D. Antos: Design and optimization of the protein refolding  by crossflow ultrafiltration , Chem. Eng. Sci., 2015, 130, 290-300

G. Berg: Beyond borders: investigating microbiome interactivity and diversity for advanced biocontrol technologies, Microb. BIotechnol., 2015, 8, 5-7

M. Gerstl, M. Joksch, G. Fafilek: The dissolution of palladium as a function of glucose concentration in chloride containing solutions of acidic pH , J ELECTROANAL CHEM, 2015, 741, 1-7

S. Pan, N. Odabas, B. Sissolak, M. Imendörffer, M. Zelger, A. Jungbauer, R. Hahn: Engineering batch and pulse refolding with transition of aggregation kinetics: An investigation using green fluorescent protein (GFP), Chem. Eng. Sci., 2015, 131, 91-100

A. Trefilov, M. Imendörffer, G. Sekot, F. Strobl, A. Jungbauer, R. Hahn: A microscale method of protein extraction from bacteria: Interaction of Escherichia coli with cationic microparticles, J. Biotechnol., 2015, 207, 21-29

M. Uhl, G. Oberdorfer, G. Steinkellner, L. Riegler, D. Mink, F. van Assema, M. Schürmann, K. Gruber: The crystal structure of D-threonine aldolase from  Alcaligenes xylosoxidans provides insight into a metal ion assisted PLP-dependent mechanism , PloS ONE, 2015

L. Pesci, S. Glueck, P. Gurikov, I. Smirnova, K. Faber, A. Liese: Biocatalytic Carboxylation of Phenol Derivatives:  Kinetics and Thermodynamics of the Biological Kolbe-Schmitt Synthesis , FEBS J., 2015, 282(7), 1334-13345

V. Puxbaum, D. Mattanovich, B. Gasser: Quo vadis? The challenges of recombinant protein folding and secretion in Pichia pastoris, Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 2015, 99(7), 2925-2938

M. Gerstl, D. Ruckerbauer, D. Mattanovich, C. Jungreuthmayer, J. Zanghellini: Metabolomics integrated elementary flux mode analysis in large metabolic networks, Nat. Sci. Rep., 2015, 5, 8930

F. Krainer, S. Capone, M. Jäger, T. Vogl, M. Gerstmann, A. Glieder, C. Herwig, O. Spadiut: Optimizing cofactor availability for the production of recombinant heme peroxidase in Pichia pastoris, Microb. Cell Fact., 2015, 14, 4

M. Geier, P. Fauland, A. Glieder: Compact multi-enzyme pathways in P. pastoris, Chem. Commun., 2015, 51, 1643-1646

E. Lanfranchi, E. Köhler, B. Darnhofer, K. Steiner, R. Birner-Grünberger, A. Glieder, M. Winkler: Bioprospecting of hydroxynitrile lyases by blue native PAGE coupled HCN detection, Curr. Biotechn., 2015, 05/2015; 04(999):1-1

M. Schosserer, N. Minois, T. Angerer, M. Amring, H. Dellago, E. Harreither, A. Calle-Perez, A. Pirchner, M. Gerstl, S. Pfeifenberger, C. Brandl, M. Sonntagbauer, A. Kriegner, A. Linder, A. Weinhäusel, T. Mohr, M. Steiger, D. Mattanovich, M. Rinnerthaler, T. Karl, S. Sharma, K. Entian, M. Kos, M. Breitenbach, I. Wilson, N. Polacek, R. Grillari- Voglauer, L. Breitenbach-Koller, J. Grillari: Methylation of ribosomal RNA by NSUN5 is a conserved mechanism modulating organismal life span, Nature Communications, 2015, 6, 6158

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