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Project Macrofun

Project title:


Project type:

Joint Research Project



Function: Head of the research field Enzymes & Polymers

Email: georg.guebitz@acib.at

Phone: +43 2272 66280 501

MacroFun is a joint research project of several industrial and scientific partners dedicated to study the interface between enzymes and macromolecules. The project is supported by the FFG COMET-Programme as a K-Project. ACIB is one of the scientific partners and provides some additional management services to MacroFun.

In MacroFun, the efforts are focused on establishing structural and mechanistic know-how to better understand the interface between enzymes and macromolecules, to develop enzymes for the functionalisation of polymer surfaces, and the directed and specific assembly, conversion, and degradation of biopolymers. Thereby, an improvement of enzymatic processes and novel applications for a selective degradation, activation, and functionalisation of natural and synthetic polymers will be developed. New enzyme systems for efficient biotransformation of polymers, and the assembly of bioresponsive devices will be established.

MacroFun formed the base for the establishment of the ACIB research field “Enzymes & Polymers”.

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