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Project Kyrobio

Project title:

Kyrobio - The Discovery, Development & Demonstration of Biocatalysts for use in the Industrial Synthesis of Chiral Chemicals

Project type:

Call: FP7-KBBE-2011-3
Topic: KBBE.2011.3.3-02 Biocatalysis for chiral compounds



Function: Scientific coordination

Email: tanja.schaerfl@acib.at

The objective of the KYROBIO project is to broaden the toolbox of single enantiomer chiral chemicals that are produced by industry in Europe using biotechnological routes. The main target is applications of lyase enzymes to selectively synthesize molecules with multiple chiral centres applying enzymatic carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bond formation as the key technical platforms. We will then apply synthetic biology to improve fermentation processes in order to generate better enzymes. Chiral compounds are an important class of chemicals that biocatalytic transformation has already demonstrated great potential to compete with chemocatalysts in their production with associated benefits that come from reductions in use of organic solvents, toxic metals and energy but application has been relatively limited.

KYROBIO will address the main challenges with moving forward to the next generation of added value industrial applications of white biotechnology for high value chemical synthesis. Using a supradisciplinary approach ranging from enzyme development, chemistry, molecular biology, fermentation and innovative isolation techniques the bottlenecks to applying this new technology will be overcome. It is expected that promising candidate chemicals will be commercialised within three years of completion and so scale up with economic and feasibility studies that are also key technology developments.

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