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Project CHEM21

Project title:

CHEM21 - Chemical manufacturing methods for the 21st century pharmaceutical industries




Function: Scientist

Email: martina.geier@acib.at

The CHEM21 project plans to generate a range of methods to make the drug development process more environmentally friendly. What’s more, as well as being good for the planet, the methods developed by CHEM21 will also help the pharmaceutical industry to cut costs, resulting in cheaper medicines for patients.

Today, drug manufacture often requires 100 kg of materials to produce just 1 kg of active ingredient. This inefficiency means that many products require long lead times and large facilities for their production and to deal with any waste materials. This is not just bad for the environment; medicines produced in this way are expensive to develop and produce.

CHEM21 links leading academics in the field of green chemistry with scientists working in drug synthesis in industry to tackle the challenges found in the commercial manufacture of drugs. Inefficient production processes and the use of rare precious metals raise the costs of drug production. By making drug production more efficient and swapping expensive materials for cheaper alternatives, CHEM 21 will help to lower the cost of medicines.

acib is responsible for the application of biocatalysis in chemical synthesis. In addition, acib brings in the knowhow in synthetic biology. With the help of modified microorganisms it should be possible to produce enzymes and new drugs in an environmentally friendly way.

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