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acib is partner of the following EU projects.

Project Bionexgen

BIONEXGEN will develop the next generation of biocatalysts to be used for eco-efficient manufacturing processes in the chemical industry. A collaboration by industrial and academic partners have identified the key technology fields of amine synthesis, polymers from renewable resources, glycoscience and wider oxidase application as four key areas where the next generation of biocatalysts that […]

Project Kyrobio

The objective of the KYROBIO project is to broaden the toolbox of single enantiomer chiral chemicals that are produced by industry in Europe using biotechnological routes. The main target is applications of lyase enzymes to selectively synthesize molecules with multiple chiral centres applying enzymatic carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bond formation as the key technical platforms. We […]

Project Macrofun

MacroFun is a joint research project of several industrial and scientific partners dedicated to study the interface between enzymes and macromolecules. The project is supported by the FFG COMET-Programme as a K-Project. ACIB is one of the scientific partners and provides some additional management services to MacroFun. In MacroFun, the efforts are focused on establishing […]

Project CHEM21

The CHEM21 project plans to generate a range of methods to make the drug development process more environmentally friendly. What’s more, as well as being good for the planet, the methods developed by CHEM21 will also help the pharmaceutical industry to cut costs, resulting in cheaper medicines for patients.

Project SuSy

Glycosyl transferases (GT) are extremely efficient biocatalysts that can be used for the synthesis of special carbohydrates and glycoconjugates. Famous examples of such products include human milk oligosaccharides that serve as prebiotics and glycosides of flavonoids with improved stability and solubility. The new substances could serve as antibiotics or even for the treatment of cancer.

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