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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear colleagues

We cordially invite you to a conference on “Green Chemistry for Pharma“ in Graz.

What would make a chemical process greener? How can we reduce the use of hazardous reagents, reduce high energy input and minimize the production of waste? Although green chemistry has a broad impact on industry including the design of new chemicals, materials and products, this conference will focus on recent developments for new production processes in the pharmaceutical industry and also include the implementation of green chemistry in early stage lab scale developments. This needs strong interactions and input from different scientific disciplines.

This conference intends to give an overview about recent developments in industry and research to researchers, students and industry. In addition, the presentation of new technologies, tools and concepts will initiate new interactions between process chemistry, organic synthesis, biocatalysis and synthetic biology to create the necessary synergies for more green processes in future pharmaceutical production.

“Green Chemistry for Pharma” is organized in close collaboration with the CHEM21 IMI consortia, which are funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (financial contribution from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme and EFPIA companies’ in-kind contribution).

The conference and will take place in Graz from September 23rd – 24th, 2014. Participation is open to the public; about 150-200 international participants are expected.

With best regards and and looking forward to seeing you in Graz,

Toni Glieder

on behalf of the Organizational Committee

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