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SuSy Workshop Enzymatic glycosylation reactions


Date: 24.04.2017

Time: 17:00 - 19:00


Augasse 2-6 in 1090 Vienna


Tanja Schärfl

Function: Scientific coordination

Email: tanja.schaerfl@acib.at

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The SuSy Workshop on ‘Enzymatic glycosylation reactions’ will take place on April 24, 17:00 – 19:00 and is publicly accessible and organized by the EU project “SuSy – Sucrose Synthase as Cost-Effective Mediator of Glycosylation Reactions“.

SuSy, the abbreviation of Sucrose Synthase, is a collaborative research project where eight different partners (three academic institutes and five industrial partners) from five European countries are involved in. This project falls under the “Seventh Framework Programme” (FP7) of the European Commission.

Glycosyl transferases (GT) are very attractive biocatalysts for the synthesis of special carbohydrates and derivatives. However, their large-scale application has been hampered by their low operational stability and by the high cost of their nucleotide-activated donor substrate. This collaborative project aims to solve both problems through a combination of enzyme and process engineering. With the help of sucrose synthase (SuSy), UDP-glucose can be produced from sucrose as cheap and abundant substrate. Coupling this conversion to another GT enzyme even enables the recycling of UDP to establish a constant supply of glycosyl donor. Through careful optimization and integration of the different components, an efficient process for the glycosylation of polyhenolic acceptors has been established. At this special session of the CBM conference, the academic and industrial partners will illustrate their work with presentations and posters. Afterwards, a free reception is offered by the SuSy-consortium to enable a direct and informal interaction with all interested parties.

Funded by: EU FP7

Registration: https://interconvention.eventsair.com/cbm12/registration-sessions/Site/Register

Programme: Programme SuSy


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