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acib has a CEO (Executive Director) who responsible for the business development and a CSO (Scientific Director) who is responsible for the scientific progress of the company.

Function: CEO & CFO of acib GmbH

Email: mathias.drexler@acib.at

Phone: +43 1 47654 30836

Function: CSO of acib GmbH andLeader of Bioprospecting & Synthetic Biology

Email: bernd.nidetzky@acib.at

Phone: +43 316 873 8400

Function: Assistant to the CFO/Administration Vienna

Email: patricia.velikogne@acib.at

acib impressions
Labs Wien 1
Dunkle Kulturen 2
Synthetic Biology 1
Dunkle Kulturen 1
Fermentation Medium
Strain Collection
Labs Wien 5
Rot fluoreszierende Bakterien